Why Choose Us

Flexi Components (KL) Sdn Bhd are pioneers and specialist in manufacturing :- .

  • - Medical Products
  • - Die-Cut Components
  • - Silk Screen Printing labels
  • - Lamination Process
  • - Slitting Material Process
  • - Bending Process
  • - Assembly Process
  • - Automotive Solution

Going Green 🌲

Flexi Components (KL) sincere in intentions, with a growing commitment to greener lifestyles

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Flexi Components (KL) be sure to pay attention to customer concerns and handle concerns quickly and fairly

Effective Use of Technology

Flexi Components (KL) aware of developments in technology and embrace those that can help us to achieve our goals

Be passionate

Flexi Components (KL) is truly passionate about our work. Being passionate is likely to be more productive with our business and help it to grow.

First business premise.Flexi Components (KL) Sdn.Bhd was first established in 21'st November 2002. There were only about 10 staffs.

Second business premise.There were many obstacles faced and it was an uphill battle against bigger and stronger competitors during that time.

Third business premise.However, every present employee was absolutely committed and excelled in overcoming the odds. This became fruitful as after 12 solid years of hard work and sacrifices, we managed to be a well develop company.

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