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Our die cutting machine come in a variety of configurations, each specialized for creating different types of die cut shapes.


Die-cutting is a process in which material are cut into shaped and sizes using fabricated tools/die based on customer's drawing specification by using the power press or high-speed press machines to cut the material into the required shaped.

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Our die-cut division is specifically capable to produce varieties of die-cut shaped parts on various types raw materials such as PU Foam, PE foam, plastic (PC), rubber, adhesive, felt/non-woven, copper, aluminium and etc.We know that high tech products require die cut parts that are created with precision and care. We have the highest quality standards in the die cutting industry because we know that with die cutting accuracy is so important. After we cut the prototype for your product and after receiving your approval we pledge that your orders will be shipped within ten business days or less.


Power Press Machine (10 ton - 80 ton) - 12 units

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