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Nanopac Nano-Hepa Face Mask is produced uses state of the art patented Nanotechnology to provide YOU with the

Best Safety Protection

🍂 Anti Bacterial - Sterilized 99.9% potential harmful bacteria and viral.

🍂 Waterproof and penetration resistance against particles and liquid.

🍂 Soft, Comfortable , Durable and Hygiene.

🍂 Non Toxic and Free from banned substance.

Normal face mask

❎ Normal face mask filter the air into and out from respiratory system but TRAP the dust, bacteria, fungi ,and protozoa at the surface of the mask.The mask DOES NOT kill the bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

❎ The size of virus is much smaller than the pores of the mask, therefore UNABLE to hinder the virus from penetrating through the mask.

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Why Nano-Hepa Face Mask ?

✅ Nano-Hepa Face Mask was proven effective to kill the bacteria, fungi, protozoa and virus in contact with the mask (refer test report in subsequent page).

✅ Although the virus was very small and able to penetrating through the mask, but they were killed when they reach the mask surface.

✅ The Nano-Hepa Face Mask was not harmful and non-toxic to human (refer test report in our brochure).

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