Surgical Face Mask

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Surgical Face Mask

Surgical Face Mask 3 Ply High-Speed, High Precision Machine


This complex machine consists of built in material feeding frame, nose wire implant, folding parts, mask ear loop welding and servo motor control unit.

Capable of producing high quality surgical 3-Ply face masks with high speed and great accuracy.

📌The machine automatically blank, trimming and folding welding process, the replacement of the mold can be processed into folded masks of different shapes of the body

📌Easy conditioning and convenient refueling.

📌The mold uses the extraction method for the rapid replacement of mold and producing different types of molds.

📌The whole machine adopt aluminum alloy, the parts after plating processing, make the whole machine beautiful, strong and doesn`t rust.

📌Advanced equipment for feeding and rewinding the materials.

📌High stability, low failure rate.


Fully Auto Face Mask Machine - 1 unit

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